Douwe Kiela

Douwe Kiela I am a research scientist at Facebook AI Research. I received my PhD (and MPhil) from the University of Cambridge, where I was supervised by Stephen Clark. Before that, I did an undergraduate degree at Utrecht University with a double major in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy; and a master's degree in Logic at the University of Amsterdam's ILLC.

My work focuses on machine learning and natural language processing. My research interests lie in developing better models for (grounded, multi-agent) language understanding.

How do I pronounce your name?

DOW-uh KEE-lah. In Dutch, "ou" is pronounced like in loud and "we" like in were, but you can simply call me Dow if that's easier.


Please see Google Scholar.

Data & Code

I try to open source everything that I do. If you are looking for a dataset or code and can't find it, please contact me.