Douwe Kiela

Douwe Kiela CEO at Contextual AI. Adjunct Professor in Symbolic Systems at Stanford University. Previously, I was the Head of Research at Hugging Face and before that a Research Scientist at Facebook AI Research. I received my PhD and MPhil from the University of Cambridge. Before that, I did a BSc in Liberal Arts & Sciences at Utrecht University with a double major in Cognitive Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy; and an MSc in Logic at the University of Amsterdam's ILLC.

My work focuses on machine learning and natural language processing. My research interests lie in developing better models for (grounded, multi-agent, retrieval-augmented) language understanding and better tools for evaluation and benchmarking.

How do I pronounce your name?

DOW-uh KEE-lah. In Dutch, "ou" is pronounced like in loud and "we" like in were, but you can simply call me Dow (as in Dow Jones) if that's easier.


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